Veteran’s Affairs – MRI

Guthrie General, Inc. served as the Design Builder for the creation of a new MRI suite at the VA Medical Center in Phoenix.  During this project a new scan room was built for the Philips MRI as well as the a infrastructure for a future MRI, a control room and patient dressing areas.  Unlike most MRI projects we have completed, this one was located on the second floor which presented some unique challenges.  As you can imagine, special design considerations were needed for delivery of the new magnet into the space.  Extensive structural modifications were made in order to support the new equipment as well as the delivery path for the MRI.  With the unique nature of the delivery and installation, detailed logistical coordination was a very important. It was imperative that all team members were on the same page in order to reduce potential risks during the install, especially considering the hospital remained fully functional during construction.

Key Facts