Ensign – North Mountain

This project was broken up into two major components: patient room renovations and sub-acute upgrades. As part of the patient room renovations existing piping was replaced to fix some areas of concerns, finishes in the room were upgrade and fixtures were replaced.

The sub-acute upgrades consisted in adding the necessary services to the patient rooms (oxygen and emergency power). In order to facilitate an upgrade this large to the facility the existing emergency generator was replaced with a new larger generator and ATS. From there new emergency power panels were added that fed into the emergency power receptacles in the patient rooms. The SES for the building as well as the existing APS transformer were also upgrade as a part of this project. The existing bulk oxygen system also did not have the capacity to serve this many additional rooms. A new bulk oxygen yard was created and piped to the building and subsequently to the patient rooms to provide the oxygen service.

Key Facts