Signature ICON Event

IREM NewsletterOn Wednesday, April 30th, 2014 IREM® Orange County held its first Signature ICON event recognizing exemplary leadership and major influence on the Real Estate Industry. This event honored John Kilroy Jr. who is Chairman, President and CEO of Kilroy Realty Corporation. Guthrie General was a sponsor at this event.

The Signature ICON event helps to attract and develop individuals for careers in real estate management. Accredited Management Organizations, AMO®, and active property management firms in IREM Orange County hosted students for IREM OC’s JOB SHADOW Day in concert with the Signature ICON Event on April 30th. The property management firms served as mentors for their students at their companies and then took them to the Signature ICON Event, where the students had the opportunity to learn and network. In addition, IREM Orange County is giving a portion of this event’s proceeds to scholarships for IREM Educational Courses. Those in pursuit of the CPM® or ARM® designations are eligible for these scholarships.

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