Superior General Contracting

Guthrie General, Inc. offers General Contracting which provides resources for construction through a competitive bidding process or negotiation after the design process is complete.  The main components of this service entail:

–  Subcontractor pre-qualification
–  Competitive bid process
–  Value engineering as needed
–  Procurement of long lead items
–  Progress scheduling
–  Construction process
–  Safety
–  Quality control
–  Project closeout
–  Warranty

Since 1975, we have strengthened our relationships with our subcontractors and vendors.  These relationships with our subcontractors are part of the reason we are successful today.  As a general contractor it is our responsibility to provide each owner the highest quality subcontractor.  We conduct a thorough investigation of each one of our subcontractors.  Management meticulously reviews the submission of new subcontractors and conducts meetings with them prior to the pre-construction phase to ensure that they are qualified to be a part of the Guthrie General, Inc. team.  This complete pre-qualification process is just one of the tools we use to guarantee the success of your project.

When you are looking for a seamless General Contracting process with a partner whose depth of experience offers over 4 decades of successful project delivery, look to Guthrie General, Inc.