Management at Risk

Construction Management at Risk; Guarantees Cost Control

CM at Risk is a specific delivery method, which entails a commitment by our construction management team to deliver a project within a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP). Our construction management team partners with the owner during the development and design phase, this is referred to as preconstruction services.  During the preconstruction phase, Guthrie General Inc.’s proactive approach benefits the owner in the following ways:

–  Acting as a consultant to Design
–  Material cost analysis-Budget control
–  Preliminary estimates are provided at increments of 25% design
–  Select subcontractor pricing expertise-Construction method
–  Procurement of long lead items

The Guaranteed Maximum Price is established at 100% construction drawings, a contingency dollar amount is determined for both the owner and construction manager.  The contingency is in place to absorb unforeseen conditions and all changes pertaining to the project.  Guthrie General, Inc. then proceeds as the construction manager and General Contractor through project delivery.