Scottsdale Medical Imaging Centers SMIL

SMIL Tatum & Shea

Guthrie completed the 9,000 sq ft Imaging Center in Paradise Valley, Arizona. The project contained 5 modalities which included an MRI, PET CT, Bone Density Scan, CT, and an Ultrasound Room. This project posed extensive obstacles with the existing structural support such as the MRI area required shoring and removal of the existing trusses and the installation of beams for the shielding height requirement for the MRI.

SMIL Fountain Hills

Guthrie completed the 10,000 sq ft Imaging Center in Fountain Hills, Arizona. Within this space a full modality imaging center was constructed that included an MRI, CT, Ultrasound, General Rad Room, Mammography, RF Room and Dexa Scan. During the preconstruction phase, we were able to value engineer aesthetic finishes that resulted in a substantial savings to the owner without compromising the final finished product.

SMIL Gilbert

Guthrie completed the 13,890 sq ft Imaging Center in Gilbert, Arizona. The project contained 12 modalities which included an MRI, PET CT, Dexa, CT, three Ultrasound rooms, X-RAY, two Mammography rooms, R/F, and a stereotactic room. Posh designer materials were implemented to create a luxurious calming environment for patient comfort.

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