Nutex – Gilbert

The goal of this project was to reactive a 30,000 sf hospital that had been decommissioned for about 5 years. The reactivation required major upgrades to the emergency power at the facility. These upgrades included new custom generator breaker, ATS and emergency power distribution panels to meet new FGI guidelines. The medical gas system also needed to be recertified and required upgrades to the existing equipment and alarm panels. There also were numerous changes to the layout of the facility to create a better workflow for their patients and staff. This included a new split waiting room for inpatient and ED services, new nurse station and some layout changes to the existing rooms. In addition to this a new kitchen was created to serve the hospital as well as a new pharmacy. The hospital also received a new MRI and CT which each required infrastructure upgrades. The expedited project delivery coupled with the supply chain challenges at the time was overcome with creative thinking and out of the box solutions to keep everything on track.

Key Facts