BUMCP – Hybrid OR

2,167 sq ft renovation of the existing Operating Room #9 to the Hybrid Operating Room #2. This project consisted of remodeling the existing surgical space to allow for the installation of a Philips “Allura Xper FlexMove” imaging system.

At the time of construction in the fourth quarter of 2013 only 100 hybrid OR’s existed in the United States. The Philips Allura Xper FlexMove solution allows for more room to work in the hybrid OR. Challenges during the construction process were the multitude of shutdowns scheduled for steam, medical gas, electrical power, fire protection and lighting controls.

Third shift staffing was used to minimize disruptions to the facility and surrounding operating rooms on the second floor. Modifications to the new structural steel to support the Philips equipment had to be specially made in order to fit in the elevator. The electrical system for the entire hybrid operating room had to be cored drilled for the new Philips equipment. This hybrid operating room was above an existing MRI room below, which had to be considered when providing power for the new system.

Key Facts