Banner Page Hospital Emergency Department Expansion

Guthrie General, Inc. served as the CMAR on this 10,000 square foot Emergency Department addition and remodel.  The project added six treatment bays, two trauma rooms, a serenity garden, nurses station, waiting room, admitting, MDF Room and MRI shell and new hospital entry.   

The plans called for a new MDF room to be built in a central location near the cafeteria and designed larger for the new equipment required.  The project required demolition of an interior wall of office space to transform two rooms in to one larger room.  The interior walls were built to deck for a perimeter firewall as well as the installation of new electrical, lighting, and flooring.  A redundant mechanical system was installed as a new preaction fire sprinkler system.  The existing MDF Room was kept dust free and operational while the new MDF project was being constructed.

Guthrie General, Inc. was instrumental in the pre-construction phase and performed on behalf of the owner during value engineering for a substantial savings.  Guthrie General, Inc. partnered with Banner Health and The Smith Group Architects.

“I am writing in reference to my experience with Guthrie General, Inc. on the 10,000 square foot Page Hospital Emergency Department Expansion Project.  This project in particular posed challenges that Guthrie General, Inc. handled with professionalism and poise.  Jim Guthrie and his team exercised measures above and beyond expectations to ensure that this project was completed successfully.  Their willingness to negotiate with local subcontractors was key in  getting this project off the ground with budgetary constraints.  The superior workmanship provided by Guthrie General’s staff was reflected in this attractive hospital addition.” 

– Jim Lucas, Banner Health System

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